The Meaning of Chrismons


Perhaps you attend a church during the Christmas season and have seen or taken part in decorating a tree with certain symbols. A rainbow, a cross, a Star of David, a fish, etc. The first time I did this was in 2005 when I started attending a new church and I had no clue what it truly meant. Each symbol/ornament has represents something and it shares the Gospel. Below are a list of the symbols, the Chrismons (Christ Monograms):

The Alpha and Omega are Greek letters for Beginning and the End.

The Rainbow is God’s covenant with man.

The Lyre symbolizes praise in music.

The Scales signify judgment.

The Empty Cross is the symbol of death and resurrection of Jesus.

The Fish is the sign used by the early Christians to identify themselves.

The Eye represents the all seeing Eye of God.

The Star of David represents the lineage of Jesus.

The Dove represents the Holy Spirit.

The Candle symbolizes that Jesus is Light of the World.

The Three Circles is the sign of the Trinity – linked to signify One God.


Merry Christmas!




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