Try Something New


I mentioned in another post that I used write strictly Christian fiction. I thought since I was a Christian that I needed to write Christian fiction. It made sense to me. Never mind the fact that I wrote utter crap and it wasn’t suited to me, but I limited myself. For a number of years, I cranked out predictable historical romances, to no avail. I was never successful in the Christian market (thank God for that; seriously I would have made the worst Christian romance novelist). My light bulb finally came on and I moved on from that.

So, I tried something new. I wrote a couple of secular novels that mean a great deal to me, are far better written, and are far more realistic. One of them is really promising. In the last couple of years, I have also tried my hand at short stories…for the speculative markets, and I have had some successes. They won’t win any big awards, but I actually get feedback now, and the occasional acceptance.

My point is, don’t limit yourself. Don’t write what you think you should be writing. Because in the end the editors and the readers will know that your heart is not in it. Try something new, expand your horizons. Write in a different genre or attempt a new, fresh character’s POV. What is it going to hurt?

You may end up surprising yourself. I know I did.


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