Hello World!

This is my first entry on my new blog. I am pretty psyched. Though I love my old blog dearly, I felt as though I had outgrown it and needed something a little more professional. Anyway, if you’re curious about my old entries, or what it may look like, please click here.


I’ll try not to ramble, but my name is Veronica Leigh and I am a writer. Sounds simple enough, right? Its anything but. Writing and pursuing publication is like trying to turn your own skin inside out. So, please join me in my adventures and misadventures in making my dream a reality. I have published a number of short stories, and hope to continue to. But nothing would make me happier than to publish a novel.

In my next entry, I would like to introduce you to my two WIP’s, that way when I prattle on about them, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Thanks for listening.


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